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Under the Ancient Suns

by C. R. R. Tefhulds

In a far away twin-star system...
the planet of Etheron is in grave danger.

For years, Baleron saw the danger approaching, but the government denied it and stripped him of his power and position. For years, all hope was lost to him...

Then, his great-daughter Safferon was born and he set out on a desperate quest to create a future for his family.

As The Calamity fast approached, Baleron got help from an unlikely place... his great-daughter Safferon. Together they worked for years on long-shot survival plan.

Now, the time of the Calamity is very nearly here... Will their plan work? Will they survive?

Find out what happens to Baleron, Safferon and all of the inhabitants of the distant planet of Etheron.

Read Chapter One Now!

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